Beyond the Snaffle Bit: The Art of Finishing Horses by Wil & Bev Howe

Beyond the Snaffle Bit: The Art of Finishing Horses
Wil & Bev Howe

In this DVD, Beyond the Snaffle Bit. Wil, with his wife Beverly, share priceless skills that take you beyond the plateau of the snaffle bit, "two-handed", pulling techniques of directing your horse. They will show you how, why and when to advance your horse to neck reining, "one-handed", in a finished, leverage (curb) bit.

- Learn how to creatively put to use Wil’s 10 Step Program, and put a finished "handle" on your horse in, as well as out, of the round pen.

- Learn how to progress through a series of bits, applying the proper transition techniques for each bit. See how different bits and reins affect and refine your horses’ responses.

- You’ll be shown in detail, that it is the "finesseful" application of Wil’s reining techniques (handling of the reins), that is the key to enhancing your horses’ performance for "one-handed" riding.

- By taking the horses up hills and out on the trail, you’ll learn how this exposure gives you the opportunity to maintain your control of all "four corners" of your horse, while teaching him how to use himself, which is both physically and mentally challenging.

Running Time: Approx. 120 minutes

Wil and Beverly Howe have been teaching in clinics since the early ‘80’s throughout the west coast. Their honest, "tell it all" approach makes them an effective and dynamic instructing team, by keeping their program simple, useful and in practical layman's terms. They make their philosophies and techniques attainable and have made their clinics, schools and videos stand out from the others.

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