The Tao of Horsemanship - Riding as One with Your Horse by Caroline Rider

The Tao of Horsemanship - Riding as One with Your Horse
Caroline Rider

Understanding and Riding with Your Horse’s Natural Balance, Rhythm & Movement

The following DVD presents a simplified, riding approach that shows you how to:

- Develop greater connection, partnership and harmony while riding
- Develop a safer riding program through awareness exercises
- Understand “Where You Need to Be for Your Horse, When and Why”
- Work with your horse’s natural balance, rhythm and movement
- Develop a centered and balanced rider in you
- Develop more confidence for both you and your horse
- Develop better feel and timing within your hands and through your aids
- Develop a softer and more responsive approach
- Create a more trusting, responsive and willing partner under saddle

Whether you've seen Caroline Rider in action with her horses at liberty, freestyle riding, or in bridle and under saddle, you've witnessed her incredible ability to develop and nurture the many levels of "emotional connection" she teaches today between horse and human: the power and depth of love, compassion, friendship, loyalty, willing partnership and mutual respect.

This DVD is a series of 3 in Caroline's Tao of Horsemanship Series.

You will learn:

- Why Approach has to Happen Before Technique is Applied
- How to Develop "Emotional Connection" with Your Horse – This is - Where Deeper Levels of Trust, Companionship and Partnership Flourish
- How to Inspire, Motivate and Capture Your Horse's Attention and Keep It
- How to Be More Aware of Your Body Language and Your Horses
- Tao of Horsemanships™ Awareness & Embodiment Exercises®
- About the Many Levels, and Subtle Nuances, of Language and - Communication Our Horses Exchange with Us All the Time
- Where to Be for Our Horse, When We are Needed and Why We're There
- How to Develop Levels of Softness, Feel & Communication Naturally
- And So Much More!

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Natural Horse Training

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