Program Your Position with Jane Savoie by Jane Savoie

Program Your Position with Jane Savoie
Jane Savoie

Program Your Position - Jane Savoie & Ruth Hogan-Poulsen


Jane and Ruth will show you how to reprogram the software in your mental computer so you can correct your position quickly and easily.

This DVD series is for those of you who are:

- Sick and tired of wasting time in your riding lessons because your instructor has to repeat the same corrections over and over.

- Frustrated because you want to start working on something new, instead of the same old position, position, position stuff.

- You can't afford to keep wasting lesson money to work on the same old problems.

- You're frustrated because you have trouble sitting the trot.

- You don't know how and what to fix when you ride by yourself.

Jane and Ruth have come up with a solution for you. They've created a revolutionary program called PROGRAM YOUR POSITION. In this program, they give you a shorthand language that changes the software in your subconscious mind so you can cut quickly and easily trigger position corrections.

Jane and Ruth bring their own individual strengths to the arena. Ruth is a right-brained, artistic, creative thinker while Ruth is a left-brained, logical, analytical thinker. Together they complement each other and can help riders with different learning styles. Between the two of them, they can pretty much relate to every problem out there!

So they've put this program together for you because they figured that if they've had these kinds of challenges with our own positions, there are probably a lot of other people with similar problems.

Not only will you reprogram your subconscious mind through visualization. But you'll also learn a shorthand language so you can self-correct through anchoring key words and phrases that we call buzz words. After all, when you're trying to recognize and correct position problems, you need to be able to do it QUICKLY and EASILY—without a long explanation of how to do things like open your pelvis, lift your sternum, raise one side of your rib cage, or let your legs drape around your horse.

You need a clear mental picture of what a correct position looks like. This program efficiently pares down all those overwhelming explanations into one BUZZ WORD or PHRASE. Then you can use that BUZZ WORD as a shorthand language to TRIGGER those position corrections.

The secret behind this program is that you're directing your efforts toward your subconscious mind. Your subconscious is the part of your brain that truly determines what you do. You can make short-term, temporary changes in your position by using "will-power". But if you want to make permanent changes, you need to reprogram your subconscious.

You install new software in your mental computer by using mental images and a shorthand language we call buzzwords. The buzzwords automatically trigger your position corrections. In addition, when, you hold the vivid mental pictures we provide in your mind's eye, your muscles automatically fire in a way to help you sit correctly.

Professionals work on their positions every day. That's because they know that the effectiveness of their aids depends on how well they sit and the independence of their seats. To demonstrate how the program works for riders at all levels, one of the DVDs shows 5 different riders using this system. The buzzwords are the same, but you'll see how the corrections become progressively subtler as the student is more advanced.

So, even though this series gives you a bunch of buzzwords, it's important to use an image that works for you. Then just "tag" the position correction with your personal buzzword. (i.e. You might find that the Buzzword "Velcro" conjures up a super image of sitting close to your horse. Or the word "Towel" might remind you to keep your legs softly draped around your horse like a wet towel). The possibilities are endless!!

If you think your horse will be uncooperative during parts of your ride, simply ANCHOR your buzzwords in the walk. Then you can use them to trigger the right muscle memory as you do other "things". Also, remember that the better you sit, the better your horse will go!

DVD Disc #1
Jane and Ruth introduce the buzzwords and show you how to use them to trigger position corrections quickly and easily.

DVD Disc #2
This DVD shows how to safely work on your position on the lunge.

DVD Disc #3
Five riders show how the buzzwords help them make corrections.

DVD Disc #4
This DVD gives you lots of images and ideas to help you sit the trot.

DVD Disc #5
Ruth reviews how to use the buzzwords when riding by yourself.

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