A Happy Horse Guide with Jane Savoie : Haunches-In by Jane Savoie

A Happy Horse Guide with Jane Savoie : Haunches-In
Jane Savoie

This DVD, Collection, covers the following topics:

- What is Haunches-in?

- Is Haunches-In More Difficult Than Shoulder-In?

- What is the Bend and Angle of Haunches-In?

- What’s the Difference Between Haunches-In and a Crooked Horse?

- What Are the Aids for Haunches-In?

- What Do I Do First?

- What Do I Do If My Horse Loses His Rhythm or Tempo?

- What Do I Do If My Horse Loses His Bend?

- What Do I Do If My Horse Loses the Angle?

- What Else Can I Use Haunches-In For?

- What is Haunches-Out?

Jane Savoie's Happy Horse DVD Study Course is for you if:

You enjoy the training process and understand it takes time to train correctly.

You want to know how to develop a clear, non-verbal language so it's easier to communicate with your horse.

You like having things broken down in a systematic program.

You're happy and appreciative of any small effort your horse makes.

You're confused about how to do some movements and exercises.

You're not completely sure how to use your seat, legs and hands to get certain results.

You're occasionally frustrated by training issues and blame yourself for being a "bad rider".

You think your horse isn't capable of doing quality work because he's not a traditional dressage breed.

You can't get your horse consistently on the bit.

You can't afford to work with a trainer on a regular basis.

There aren't any decent trainers in your area.

You’re confused and frustrated because your trainer tells you what to do but doesn't tell you HOW to do it.

You just want someone to explain things in a CLEAR, step-by-step, easy to understand way.

The DVD lessons in the Happy Horse series contain ADDITIONAL exercises, tips, and ways to get your head wrapped around certain concepts. So for those who have enjoyed Jane's other DVD series, you’ll be getting a more IN-DEPTH look at certain ideas.

Each DVD lesson is a separate lesson covering a separate topic. You do NOT need to view them in any particular order. There are 23 DVD lessons in total.

In this series, Jane shows lots of common mistakes so you can clearly see what things look like when they’re done wrong. AND she shows you HOW TO FIX things simply and easily. You'll see completely DIFFERENT horses from the ones in the other programs so you'll be seeing lots of new challenges. You'll also see several different breeds so you get to see that these techniques work for ALL horses. You'll pretty much be getting the WHOLE enchilada. That is, if you were coming to train with Jane for an extended period of time, this is exactly the kind of in-depth work you'd be doing together.

The material is laid out in simple, user-friendly, non-dressagey language that anyone can understand. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or ready to ride at the Olympics. All good training starts with a solid foundation. If you build a house on a poor foundation, it’ll topple when there’s a storm. It’s the same with training. If you go up through the levels, and you don’t have a solid foundation in the basics, somewhere along the line, you’re going to run into problems.

Most of you know that Jane has been around a long (long!) time. She's taught students in backyards as well as at Olympic games. She's taught western riders, dressage riders, event riders, hunters, jumpers, professionals, and recreational riders. So, she has a pretty clear idea of how to break things down so EVERYONE can understand and put the ideas into practice.

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