Nevzorov Haute Ecole Principles by Alexander Nevzorov

Nevzorov Haute Ecole Principles
Alexander Nevzorov

The film is an official publication of the NEVZOROV HAUTE ECOLE school and explains the general principles of a horse’s education; «Collection», «Discipline», «Lungeing», «Cordeo», «Touching», «Composure».

Training a horse without any means of painful control truly requires the Highest form of Mastery of horse training skills. This film does not give lessons but shows that this method is real and possible.

Difficult elements of traditional riding schools, perfect obedience, a perfect collection without a bridle, or halter or any such tool were considered to be impossible and unachievable. Thanks to the School’s method such relations between horse and man now turn out to be possible, even without the use of any means of restraint.

It shows how it is possible to study the true, live biomechanics of movements and difficult Haute Ecole elements which are natural and safe for a horse, and not thrust upon it by men through implementing painful device that injure the animal`s mouth and nose.

(In Russian with English subtitles)

About Alexander:

Alexander Nevzorov’s contribution to the development of Haute Ecole is really priceless. He managed to do a seemingly impossible thing; he understood the mechanism of the natural horse’s collection. He has learnt to collect a horse without any artificial aids, without bridles and bits. Nevzorov’s horses at liberty, at lunge, in hands and while mounted always move in a perfect balanced collection without a bridle. It is necessary to point out that during the process of training Nevzorov never and in no case uses bridles, mediakanas, cavesons and halters, only cordeo – a thin strap that lies free on a horse’s neck.

Certainly all this did not happen at one stroke. Alexander had to go a long and difficult way to understand finally the essence of horse and man relationship. It took years of studying and self-perfection to acknowledge the truth. Alexander had to admit his own faults, repent and to start everything from the beginning. By this time the understanding between horses and him has been developed to a phenomenal extent. However I am sure that he will not stop at this stage and will go further. What he will achieve at the end…Let’s not guess and just wait for new films and books. But anyway the one thing is clear: this way leads to understanding of human and horse’s souls.

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