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You Can't Ride Pretty by Smokie Brannaman

You Can't Ride Pretty
Smokie Brannaman

In this 2 DVD series, horseman Smokie Brannaman takes you through the myriad of the things you need learn and think about before you buy your first horse, want to find something better, or become a horse owner.

Filmed live at Smoke’s “You can’t ride pretty” day long horse buying clinic, this is a complete guide to buying, evaluation, what to really look for, and other factors to consider in finding and purchasing a horse that will meet your needs.

Topics include:

Things to consider before you go horse shopping

Buying the right horse that fits your needs and ability

Evaluation of prospective horses

Questions to ask before you by

Conformation, Feet and Vet Checks

Little things to look for that say “NO Sale”

And much more!

Anyone that is considering buying his or her first horse needs to see this DVD! Combine this with reading Smoke’s book, Whisper This… Not to your horse, to yourself, and you will be prepared to find that equine partner that you can enjoy for years to come and avoid the disappointment of having a 1200-pound lawn ornament that you have to feed every day!

About Smokie:

Smokie utilizes the training methods of his brother Buck Brannaman, Jeff Griffith, Clinton Anderson and others, as well as his own techniques learned during a lifetime of working with horses. Smokie lives in Greenleaf Wisconsin with his grown children, Kat, Travis and Jason. He raises and trains registered quarter horses of his own, which he uses as, Cavalry horses for his hobby, Civil War reenacting, and in Wild West shows throughout the Midwest.

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Beginner Level

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