Defensive Riding on the Trail by Mike Kinsey

Defensive Riding on the Trail
Mike Kinsey

Defensive Riding DVD

For those trail or recreational riders that feel out of control on the trail or at home, and for those with horses that want to buck or run away, Defensive Riding from Kinsey Horsemanship Psychology can put you back in control without fighting your horse into over-reaction.

For several years folks on forums and at clinics have been expressing their concern and fear about riding out of control. This video demonstrates how to get your horse under control, and progress to cooperation. Beginning with step-by-step instructions in the roundpen with a seasoned horse, the rider is guided through exercises in the arena, then finally guided out on the trail.

Why NOT to follow popular but unwise clinician gimmicks like a one rein stop, why NOT to use a severe bit, how NOT to reward your horse for poor behavior are discussed on this video. Give up the games and gimmicks, and get to riding.

This Kinsey Horsemanship Psychology video is a No-Games No-Gimmicks instruction based on direct communication, and 45 years of professional know-how.

DVD format - approximately 45 minutes.

Mike Kinsey:

- was the co-author of a series of 12 articles that appeared in 2003 Western Horseman that won American Horse Publication's 2003 Best Educational Series. The trail horse training articles were collectively called Back Country Basics.

- did a series of 3 articles in 2005 called Pre-Purchase Behavioral Diagnostics for the South East Equine Magazine.

- in 2001 was selected by AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association the largest most influential breed organization in the world) to represent AQHA on their online forum "Ask the Expert" for recreational trail horse training.

- has done clinics and presentations for AQHA, SCQHA, South Carolina's Horseman Council, and 4-H groups.

-won his first AQHA all-round youth trophy at age 12 in the 18 and under division.

- at age 14 won the AQHA champion trophy for judging against 19 years and under at the tri-state event for Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas in Dewey Oklahoma.

- Member of AQHA Professional Horsemen

- Back Country Horsemen of America Silver Spur Member

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