Training From the Heart: Episode 3 by John Lyons

Training From the Heart: Episode 3
John Lyons

This DVD covers:
- Jan Huffman Interview
- Sundown Trailers
- Round Pen Work
- Bridling Your Horse
- Certification Program
- Trailer Loading (Part 1)
- Teaching Your Horse to Bow
- John Lyons' Round Pens
- Finding Time for God

In 2004, John Lyons decided to under take one of the most challenging tasks of his career, Television. On November 4th, 2004, John Lyons, "America's Most Trusted Horseman" launched "Training from the Heart on RFD-TV".

The series ran for 55 week and covered a vast range of topics, including: Ground Work, Round Pen, Handling Foals, Unbroke Horses, Speed Control, Leading, Lead Changes, Hip Control and so much more!

As a bonus, John ended every episode with the Master's Call.

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