Clicker Tips: Clicker Horse Training by Peggy Hogan

Clicker Tips: Clicker Horse Training
Peggy Hogan

This DVD teaches a safe, systematic and fun path to begin successful clicker training with your horse.

With clicker training, you and your horse can build a powerful bond with clear communication.

About Peggy:

Peggy has devoted herself to the study of how to better communicate with all animals, but her passion has been with horses. She began to study Natural Horsemanship, organizing and participating in more than 30 clinics and workshops. People such as Lee Smith, David Ellis and Pat and Linda Parelli enriched her knowledge of horsemanship.

After years of intense study Peggy found herself wanting a more fluid and connected style of riding, so she immersed herself in the teachings of Peggy Cummings, a master clinician and founder of Connected RidingĀ®. Peggy Hogan teaches Connected RidingĀ® with its focus on ease of movement and postural balance with alignment for both horse and human. Her study with Peggy Cummings transformed her ability to stay connected with a horse both on the ground and in the saddle.

Throughout these years of study she heard of a person named Alexandra Kurland who was using positive reinforcement in a technique later called Clicker Training. Alex was achieving very clear communication and profound results with horses.

Peggy began combining the principles of Connected Riding with Clicker Training. Her horses are even more eager for training sessions and they try very hard to get the right answers. They have become highly attuned to the idea that the right behavior will get them both the comfort and reward they want.

Since 1997, Peggy has taught horsemanship to kids during weeklong camp programs. This experience revealed the critical need to keep school horses happy with their jobs. It was in this testing ground she realized how important positive reinforcement was for horses and children alike.

Peggy's current goal is to share the steps of learning Clicker Training, and how to achieve a "Connection" through the unity of these forms of horsemanship. It is an exciting time for all horse owners and with Clicker Training, you will find the ordinary horse owner can achieve wonderful results that until now, were reserved for professional trainers.

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