Making Your Horse Road Safe by Scot Hansen

Making Your Horse Road Safe
Scot Hansen

“A horse cannot distinguish between a correct lesson and a wrong lesson. The horse only knows he was taught something. It is up to you to decide which one he learns." - Scot Hansen

In Making Your Horse Road Safe Scot Hansen shows you what you and your horse need to do in order to ride safely on the roads with traffic, be it vehicle or motorcycle.

You will learn:

- How to begin with basic ground training and flagging techniques
- How to safely introduce your horse to a vehicle
- How to teach your horse to be brave and confident
- How to handle motorcycles

The techniques are broken down so that you can easily see how to begin the training, how to position yourself and what aids you need to give your horse.

Scot Hansen is a retired mounted police officer who trained officers and horses, purchased remounts, and worked the streets. He has had the opportunity to ride horses in and around obstacles that the average person never encounters -- spots like railroad yards, tunnels, freeways, bars, crowd control, stadiums, fireworks, and under hovering helicopters.

He has learned his trade through numerous schools and clinics and most of all by “living it.” Having participated with many of today’s top Natural Horsemanship clinicians he has also had training from classical dressage instructors and has a good working knowledge of dressage. This broad background gives Scot a vast working knowledge of what it takes to have a horse perform in a variety of disciplines and environments.

Scot has a great respect for the horse -- and for the unbounded potential in the human-horse relationship. His philosophies and training methods are based on fundamental horse behavior -- applicable to every horse in every situation. Scot’s “HorseThink” methods have proven to be effective for all types of horses and riders. Age doesn’t matter, either in the human or the horse, nor does the breeding, type of tack used, or the equine sport undertaken.

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General Interest
Natural Horse Training
Trail Riding

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