Extreme Barrel Racing: Wicked Turns - Tammy Key-Fischer by Tammy Key-Fischer

Extreme Barrel Racing: Wicked Turns - Tammy Key-Fischer
Tammy Key-Fischer

Tammy needs no introduction, but not listing her accomplishments seems almost criminal. Tammy is a multiple WNFR qualifier, an AQHA champion and holds several futurity championships. She and her horse Roundpen hold the NFR arena record, and in this video they work together to teach you Tammy’s effortless training methods. Tammy’s ability as a trainer and rider comes from a family background filled with horses. Her teaching background makes Tammy an incredible teacher, and her commentary throughout the video allows the viewer to easily understand the concepts that Tammy is explaining and illustrating. In this video Tammy and Roundpen show you how they work together to execute effortlessly wicked turns in the pattern, but more than that this video will help you to make a softer more complete equine athlete.

You’ll be impressed by how quiet Roundpen is in this video, and Tammy will explain to you exactly how she got him to that point. Her no nonsense approach to training and the methods that she explains are the perfect foundation to a winning team.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses at a more advanced training level. The video addresses the importance of softness, hip control, equipment selection, and rider and horse position in the turns. Tammy’s frank discussion about bit, saddle and pad selection is informative and will make you think twice about what you are riding your horse in today.

The video focuses on exercises that will improve your turns in the pattern, but what you get from the video is so much more than a wicked turn. You will notice how much trust Roundpen has in Tammy, and she’ll explain to you how she has earned that trust from him. You’ll walk away from this video knowing how to get your horse supple, what to focus on in your riding, and how to really burn in the turns. Tammy gives so much valuable information in this video that you almost feel like you’re at a clinic with her.

The Winning Tips installment included on this video is the second part to last month’s Winning Tips feature. Melanie Self and her horse Sadie return in this video, and Charlotte works specifically with Melanie on those things that she can address to help Sadie work more consistently in the pattern.

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