12 Steps to Fearless Riding by Heidi McLaughlin

12 Steps to Fearless Riding
Heidi McLaughlin

As a former fearful rider, Heidi A. McLaughlin made it her life-goal to help as many other fearful riders overcome their fear as she could. Whereas, she admits that she is not a trainer or a professional horse whisperer, she is an expert on fear! Because, she said, "No one was more afraid than I was!"

After she published her book, "K.I.C.K. Your Fear of Horses", she filmed and produced the DVD "12 Steps to Fearless Riding". It is an instructional video to guide people through fear and into confidence.

While she does not claim to have all the answers, this is the method that worked for her. After years of frustration and her confidence still not improving, Heidi came up with this method that, not only worked for her, but has helped thousands of people overcome their fear in the saddle.

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