Controlling Your Horse's Speed by John Lyons

Controlling Your Horse's Speed
John Lyons

Lack of control is simply...lack of control. Total control is the single most important aspect of training. The bridge between lack of control to total control is simply teaching cues to get your horse to perform whether he wants to or not. This does not mean you are cruel or harsh, simply patient and teach step by step cues to bridge the gap. Controlling Your Horses Speed is designed for after the ground work is done, and basic control is established horseback.

You will learn how to safely control your horse's speed whether you're at home, in the arena, on the trail, leaving or returning to the barn, alone or with other horses. Gain control of your horse at the walk, trot or canter. This training applies to any style of riding and to any level rider from novice to advanced. Control the elevation of your horse's head to help him calm down, while developing shoulder control, side passing, bridle control and a better stop.

1 HR 45 MIN

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Natural Horse Training
WESTERN - Under Saddle

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