Rhythms of the Rail by Cleve Wells

Rhythms of the Rail
Cleve Wells

Rhythms of the Rail continues the journey in the Basics of Winning series as World and Congress Champion Western Pleasure Horse trainer Cleve Wells shares his techniques for a winning ride. Recognized for his ability to select and cultivate talent, Cleve's consistent win record is testimony to the reliability and long-term value of these techniques.

With Cleve's easy-going and conversational style of teaching, you'll feel like you're receiving a personal lesson from this world renowned trainer as he leads you step-by-step to gaining a complete confidence on the rail.

This DVD includes topics such as:

- Connecting Your Horse Mentally to the Rail

- Solving Problems in Young as well as Experienced Horses

- Keeping Your Horse Relaxed and Avoiding Laziness

- Maintaining Consistent Speed and Movement on the Rail

- Maintaining Correct Body Position

- Conquering Passing and Corner Problems

This title is in the following categories:

Western Competition

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