Training The Driving Horse by Steve Bowers

Training The Driving Horse
Steve Bowers

Got a great riding horse you'd like to train for driving? Have you been "breaking" horses for driving or draft purposes, and want to see what it looks like to "train"? This video shows how to produce driving horses that are a joy to be around, and a real pleasure to drive, without the alienation and oppressive techniques that are so commonly used when training horses to be driven.

This DVD is presented in three parts:

Part I covers the ground work in a halter that prepares a horse to understand some of the skills necessary to being a driving horse. These skills include How To Be Led, How To Be Driven, How To Move Feet On Cue, How To Stop Moving Feet On Cue, How To Tolerate Noise Being Introduced Into The Horse's Space, How To Tolerate Noisy Things That Follow The Horse, How To Respond To Bit, etc.

Part II covers additional preparatory steps to hitching that are done in long lines. The subject there include How To Be Responsive On The Reins, How To Pull On Traces, How To Separate The Two Kinds Of Pulling, How To Pull Objects, How To Be Comfortable Being Hitched With Another Horse.

Part III shows how Steve safely and sanely takes this well trained horse and hitches it to vehicles for the first time. The video covers training of horses that are to be driven for any purpose, in any kind of harness. The emphasis here is that "Training" produces good results, while "Breaking", which is the industry standard practice for the training of draft horses, produces horses that are "superficially compliant, but deeply disturbed.

This 110 minutes of highly edited video shows the training of a wide variety of horses at various stages of training, so you can see that the methods work on all horses.

Viewer comments:

Every time I watch the DVD I seem to learn more about working with my horses. I've driven drafts for years doing hayrides and such. My latest project is an 8 month old Percheron colt I'm starting to train to drive and with the info in your tapes it's going real well. A couple of things I like about your way of training is it makes sense, no tricks or magic. I also feel my colt likes the methods too, as he meets me at the gate when I go out to work with him, and he also walks me to the gate when I'm done, without wearing a halter.

I have so far watched the Part One of the DVD and am excited because I know now that I was on the right path with our horses and that they will be happier for what and how I teach them. Something that the books couldn't show me was the response of the horse in these given situations. I thought at times I was imagining the softness in the response. But I know that I was doing it right, and now will carry forward with the training. Thank you again. I wish I had this book and DVD 35 years ago. Why learn from my mistakes when I can learn from your experience? Safely too, that is...

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