Training & Showing the Reining Horse by Bob Loomis

Training & Showing the Reining Horse
Bob Loomis

This DVD addresses important issues that other training videos don’t. Bob did this demonstration in front of a live audience. He was relaxed, in a great mood and really opened up to the audience.
He shared with them critical information. The missing ingredients that could really advance your horse’s performance are to be found in this DVD.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

The difference between training a young horse and an older horse for reining. (If your horse is more than 4 years old you need to hear what Bob has to say. It’s the absolute truth)

Form to function. Why and how a horse needs to use his body.
Bobs techniques for teaching stops, lead changes, circles, spins and backing.

Show ring preparation. (Mental and physical)

What to do if your horse refuses to do a good stop.

How to teach your horse speed control in circles and on the straight-away.

How to teach your horse to do a fast back-up without pulling hard on the reins.

Techniques for fencing your horse that will really improve his stop.

How to tell if your horse has the proper skeletal structure to be a good performance horse.

How to put more speed in your horse’s spin.

The #1 “control element” of a horse’s body. ( It’s not what you might think)

What to do if the training starts to go wrong.

How to control the front legs for a smoother, cleaner spin.

How to know if you’re putting too much pressure on your horse. (This will keep you from ruining your horse)

The difference in training an aggressive horse and a horse that’s calm and laid-back.

There's a great section in this DVD where Bob does a stopping demonstration on a three year old palomino mare. The mare just flat refused to stop. Bob had to give her some serious correction before she decided to try. By the end of the demonstration she was stopping like a good one.

Running time is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes

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