Program for Training Young Horses by Bob Loomis

Program for Training Young Horses
Bob Loomis

Have you often wished that you could consistently train horses to be quite, obedient and well-mannered? Have you wondered if there were any secrets to having a horse that would change gaits and direction willingly, and stop and back, using just a light touch?

Well this DVD wont reveal any "secrets" but it will show you the winning methods used by World Champion Reiner, Bob Loomis. From initial weaning, when his foals are first halter broke, to excercises as yearlings in the round pen; to first saddling and riding as two-year olds, arena work and riding on the trail - Bob will teach you his techniques as used by the assistant trainers on his ranch. Also important to training are the "tools" and Bob thoroughly details all the equipment he uses, from bits to boots. You'll also be shown how to select a good training prospect, using Bob's guidelines for conformation and breeding.

Not just for reining enthusiasts, this DVD will be of use to anyone who is training a horse, whether it be for performance events or for a quiet, dependable mount on the trail.

All over the world, thousand of people have attended Bob Loomis clinics. Now for a fraction of the cost, you can learn to give your horse the same foundation in the early training as his champion reining horses!

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