Trick Training Fundamentals II by Allen Pogue

Trick Training Fundamentals II
Allen Pogue

The Lay Down, Sit Up and Sit Down are three of the most often requested tricks in a well-trained exhibition horse's repertoire.

Trick Training Fundamentals is a detailed and systematic method of teaching these tricks in a humane manner that is consistent with modern horsemanship.

Image a Horse Training helps to prepare the horse both mentally and physically to accept the challenges and acquire the discipline required for these moves.

Trick Training Fundamentals II also presents Allen's troupe of exhibition horses performing these tricks completely at Liberty!

Allen Pogue, one of the most creative trainers of the 21st century, once again demonstrates that with a little imagination and a willing horse or two it IS possible to have a circus in your own backyard.

Allen formed Imagine A Horse to bring Trick Horse Training into the 21st Century. He actively works with students, both human and equine from around the globe. Imagine a Horse is a fresh and innovative training lifestyle that focuses on the horse as a companion and friend in sport, at home, and in the field.

IAH training methods include Enhanced Foal Training, Enlightened Trick Training and Circensic Dressage. The logic and structure of the lessons are easy for a horse to understand. Horse and human participants learn to build a relationship through understanding each other as individuals whie still maintaining the proper heard hierarchy.

Imagine a Horse methods can be applied to horses of all ages, breeds, and training disciplines. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of these methods is that the horse learns how to learn. We like to refer our methods as Agility Training for the horse's mind and body.

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