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Enjoying Dressage by Richard Davison

Enjoying Dressage
Richard Davison

This is 86 minutes of good foundation work with guiding classical principles to teach you how to become a more effective and successful dressage rider. This DVD includes a lot of laughs along the way, but Richard brings his expertise to the viewer in a succinct and thoroughly British manner. Down to earth advice on riders position, seat bones, correcting positional faults, sitting trot, horse going on his own i.e. he does the work not you, response to the riders leg, accepting the bit, half halts, riding a correct circle, and riding a correct corner.

Richard details just how the rider determines or influences the horse and his way of self carriage and how important riders position is to a correctly performing horse.

Lots of sage advice here from a seasoned international rider who utilizes his wife Gillian and some students to clearly demonstrate lots of good riding basics that will help you ride accurately and with correct position.

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